Who Can Do Six Sigma Certification

Who Can Do Six Sigma Certification

By Admin / 2019-05-31 17:07:52 / Six Sigma

Everyone wants Six Sigma Black Belt Training but it is difficult to understand the meaning of this certification and how much value it adds to the resume outside your current company.

There is not a single body who gives the certification but there are various consulting companies and business which provide the six sigma black belt training.

Each of this business has a criteria for certification. You can get certificate from where you can think it is appropriate to get.

There are few factors which needs to be considered while choosing the certification from six sigma

You need to consider the true value of this certification
Estimate the value of the content
How well is the delivery of the content
Does the content covers all aspects of Quality and management that every change agent shall know
Has the content been put into practice and successfully utilized
Is the individual has got sufficient knowledge tested to acceptable level
Has the process meant for the organization is defined, measured, analyzed, improved and controlled

Legal Implications of Six Sigma Black Belt Training

  1. Don't use the trademarked terms without permission from other companies
  2. Don't steal, reprint without written permission of other people's copyrighted information
  3. Set the standard for Six Sigma Certification in your company which is appropriate

Any owner who has established the business can develop its own standard, prepare material and start training on it. .

There is no certification body which needs to certify as like ISO 9000.

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