Six Sigma Training DMAIC & DFSS | DFSS Training

Six Sigma Training DMAIC & DFSS | DFSS Training

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All QGS training programs are customised as per our client's needs. Our Performance Excellence Model consists of following methodologies;


1. Six Sigma ( DMAIC & DFSS)
2. Lean Workshops
3. Deployment Planning
4. Leadership Training
5. Business Process Management

Our excellence model might work different for large organisations than for small departmental deployments, but the results are the same. Our consultants work closely with the clients at every step giving them confidence and leading their way to“PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE”.

Following Training Programmes are being regularly conducted in the industry on Six Sigma:

1. Executive Overview  
  This 1-day session gives a basic knowledge on the Six Sigma & Lean principles, how it can be implemented in an organization, why Lean & Six Sigma are the preferred problem solving technique adopted across the globe.
2. Champion Training  
  This 2-day training is an integral part in successfully deploying Six Sigma in any organisation. It focuses on training the Process Owners / Leaders how to identify potential projects, selecting the one's which are the most critical to the organisation. Making them understand the principles of Change Leadership, Business Process Management and teaching them the roles & responsibility of each member of Six Sigma team.
3. Green Belt Training
  We offer one of the most rigorous model(s) of Green Belt Training across the globe. Our 5-day Leadership model not only supports the Black Belts in successfully completing their projects, they lead their own projects enhancing the financial gains of the entire Six Sigma journey. QGS provides its Green Belts an in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of all the statistical tools.
4. Black Belt Training
  Our 16-day Six Sigma Black Belt program builds pioneers in the field of Process Improvement. By following the renowned DMAIC ( Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control) model we teach our candidates how to recognize and successfully launch a Six Sigma Project, excelling the statistical tools in each phase by providing hands-on experience, and finally, successfully competing the project with an aim of sustainable development.
5. DFSS Training (Transactional & Product Design)
  Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) or DMADV ( Define – Measure – Analyze – Design – Validate) is a dominant problem solving methodology for tackling product development issues and transactional issues (inventory process, invoicing process, customer feedback process etc.) In the 5-day session, we teach candidates an approach for creating new improved business processes, giving an in-depth knowledge on voice of customer, supplier selection process, project management etc.
6. Business Process Management / Resource Management
  A 3-day Resource Management Workshop helps the companies to put their support systems (Human Resource, Information Technology, Finance, etc.) in place for providing adequate support / resource for the Six Sigma and Lean practitioners to achieve real-time improvements. These workshops help organizations in the process of building resources for the success of any process improvement initiative.

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