ISO 9001 Training and Consultant

ISO 9001 Training and Consultant

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Quality Management System standard ISO 9001, is of vital importance to many companies, large and small. ISO 9001 Standard has been adopted in India as an Indian Standard and is also available in English.


ISO 9001 has been designed to be used by any organisation, large or small, providing products or services and can be the backbone to creating a more successful business. A management system is simply the way an organisation manages its processes, people and other resources so that its products or services meet their objectives and customer requirements. It provides a set of requirements to operate a quality management system and represents international best practice for managing quality. It is built around seven quality management principles which are Customer focus, Leadership, Engagement of people, Process approach, Improvement, Evidence based decision making and  Relationship Management that guide and inform everything in it.

A quality management system that is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard is well suited for all sectors and company sizes. QGS quality management  system training and consulting includes a wide range of quality management training courses, seminars, workshops and events. Presented by qualified, practising QMS c auditors Lead Auditors and other experienced QMS experts, it will help you to achieve your goals.

QGS conducts workshops to assist participants in understanding & application of ISO 9001: 2015standard. These are designed to provide focus on understanding requirements of latest version comprehensively, which now has fewer prescriptive requirements and higher strategic alignment. Sessions will enable participants to determine context of Organisation, Risks and Opportunities for QMS & simplified application of Process Approach. The quality management workshop under QGS enhances the delegates' learning experience and achieves a better level of understanding at the end of the course.ISO 9001 training  by the experts will help in better understanding of what a quality management system is, how to implement it, and how to audit the system.

This program is intended to create an awareness on Quality and the importance of Quality Management System. The program will cover the Terms and Definitions related to Quality as per ISO 9000 standard, seven Quality Management Principles, the Process Approach methodology specified in ISO 9001 and the requirements of ISO 9001 in detail. The importance of establishing, documenting, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the Quality Management System will be dealt with in detail.

Personnel of the organisations who have implemented a Quality Management System/are in the process of implementing ISO 9001 and/or who audit their systems must attend our courses for the understanding & application of ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

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