ISO 14001 Consultants and Training

ISO 14001 Consultants and Training

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The ISO 14001 is a family of internationally recognized standards for environmental management systems that is applicable to any business or organization, regardless of size, location or income. These standards are developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which has representation from most Standards bodies all over the world. ISO 14001 standard represents the core set of standard used by organizations for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system.


The ISO 14001 standard helps organizations to identify how their operations affect the environment, and then plan the controls to mitigate the adverse impact. The major objective of the ISO 14001standard is to promote more effective and efficient environmental management system in organizations and to provide useful and usable tools - ones that are cost effective, system-based, flexible and reflect the best organizational practices available for gathering, interpreting and communicating environmentally relevant information.

One of the important benefits of 14001:2015 is Improved environmental performance led by top management commitment, Cost savings can be achieved through improved efficiency in usage of natural resources and through waste management and waste minimization, reduced risk of pollution incidents and other releases to the environment and therefore avoidance of unnecessary clean up costs and/or enforcement action by regulatory bodies, Compliance obligation, through the identification of new legislation in adequate time to address appropriate issues, reduced risk of non-compliance with legislation and subsequent costs/prosecution, Improved brand image as customers will see an organization that is in control of its impact on the environment, Improved business focus and communication of environmental issues, Improved profitability through cost reductions and improved customer and societal satisfaction.

ISO 14001:2015 standard has been revised to bring synergy between various ISO standards and has replaced ISO 14001:2004. QGS consultants provide an authoritative, comprehensive and value added training and consulting. Services range from executive awareness, context determination, identification of the issues of Internal and External Interested parties, their needs and expectations, carrying out Environmental Aspect Impart Analysis, required level of skill, knowledge and competence on the revised standard. We also provide a complete set of consulting services to help your organization identify requirements as per ISO 14001:2015 new standard and map the compliance requirements as per ISO 14001: 2015 to your current processes.

ISO 14001:2015 standard is one of the most important standards for sustainable development. Start your ISO 14001:2015 certification journey with us today in the most effective manner. Contact us now, to get your organization ISO 14001-2015 certified in the most effective and efficient manner while realizing the true benefits of the certification using our specialized ISO implementation methodology that is less time consuming, fast, easy to understand and implement, result oriented, time bound cost effective.For more details of QGS Services contact,

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