DOE Training

DOE Training

By Admin / 2018-05-12 12:50:00 / Training

You can learn scientific techniques to design and conduct practical experiments. You'll understand the variables which has greatest impact on quality and use graphical techniques to analyze data.

There is strategic planning which execute the experiment with effect on response variable due to many factors. There are different methods such as scientific method, designing and conducting effective experiment and graphical tests for significance.

Design of experiments DOE training is carried out for general problem solving, improving or product design and manufacturing process. There are specific applications such as identifying proper design, achieve robust design, physical system behavior and manufacture settings.

You can experience the various type of running, analyzing the simple-to-intermediate, full factorial, partial factorial which facilitates experimental design and data analysis.

There are criteria for running a DOE, requirements and pre work necessary before DOE execution and appropriate designed experiment type to run.

You can decide the whether DOE training can solve a problem or optimize a system.

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