Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping

Program Objectives:
The program is designed to give hands-on experience in developing the current & future state maps of the organization, to the leaders, change agents and implementers who wish to deploy "Lean Manufacturing" practices in their organizations. This program will help participants to start seeing the non-value adding activities which lead to waste in their organization. The program will have case study, practical exercise on developing current & future states.   


Key Learning:
  • What is "Value Stream Mapping"
  • Understand concept of Value & Flow.
  • Recognize Material & Information flows in the plant.
  • The concept Pull & "Just in time" manufacturing.
  • How to use Mapping Tools.
  • Document the current state.
  • Develop the future state

Who Must Learn:
The program is aimed at the middle & frontline managers of the companies who are responsible for improving the manufacturing systems in the plants and who have some understanding of the Lean Manufacturing concepts.

Duration: 2 Days



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