BCM Consultants and Training

By Admin /2019-05-31 17:02:46 / ISO

Business Continuity Management Consultants  ensures the working of business processes smoothly inspite of any sort of interruption. The formal standard released by the British Standards Institute is BS 25999-1 which is line of BCM.

The business continuity management provides…

Implementing ISO 27001 in an SME

By Admin /2019-05-31 17:13:28 / ISO

Truly, the implementation of an management system has been viewed as just something that substantial organization can undertake, yet this basically isn't the situation. Getting certification against ISO 27001 training is just as troublesome as you require to get it. It has been feasible for quite…

ISO 17025 Training and Consultants

By Admin /2019-05-31 17:31:03 / ISO

Accreditation of Laboratories by NABL requires that the Quality Managers of the Labo-ratory to undergo training on ISO 17025 by reputed training institutes. QGS conducts Awareness Training programes, Internal Auditor…

ISO 14001 Consultants and Training

By Admin /2019-06-01 10:48:55 / ISO

The ISO 14001 is a family of internationally recognized standards for environmental management…

ISO 50001 Training And Consultants

By Admin /2019-06-01 10:51:06 / ISO

An Energy Management System as per ISO 50001 Training And Consultants ensures culture of minimising…

ISO 9001 Training and Consultant

By Admin /2019-06-01 11:10:57 / ISO

Quality Management System standard ISO 9001, is of vital importance to many companies, large and…

ISO 45001 Training and Consultants

By Admin /2019-06-01 11:16:30 / ISO

ISO 45001 is a consensus standard and is being…

Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 to your business

By Admin /2019-10-23 11:52:07 / ISO

Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 to your business

ISO 9001 aims to provide a practical and workable Quality Management System for improving and monitoring all areas of your business.

Achieving the ISO 9001 standard is not about establishing…

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